Location Pie

Manage your time, automatically.

Now available on the App Store

Location Pie helps manage your time by showing you where and when you spend it most. You define regions, such as "Home," "Work," or "School," and Location Pie automatically displays how much time you spend there. Using a combination of cell-tower triangulation, Wi-Fi network inspection, and GPS location tracking, Location Pie monitors your position even while running in the background.

Location Pie also provides a full history, so you'll know exactly how many hours you worked last week, or how much time you spent last month at the coffee shop downtown. Replay any day with just a single tap.

Now you can share your pie with friends! One-tap integration with Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Safari anonymously sends your reports to the cloud.

All location data is stored and managed directly on your device, so your information remains private and protected.

Available on the App Store